Rotherham again

Depression in a bastard

I think I am losing my mind, I have had 4 really bad days. And I try not to show it, but I am losing. I feel sorry for Sue with everything she is going through and she has me not talking just sat in my room deep in my thoughts.

It seems to be the tiniest things that get me going down, and I have no control I just go down, I am trying very hard not to go deep down but it’s very hard.

Back to Rotherham.

Last week Martin and I went back to Rotherham to shoot, to start off we were looking for a very old crane that was in an old coal stocking yard near the centre of town, but it’s now in a private yard and you can’t get to it, so we just had to improvise and shoot from the road and over the river, I did manage to get a few good shots.

After that it was a very short drive to another part of the canal in fact it was just the next lock down from the last time out, but this section had some great bridges and the railway so very good for photography.


In town I used aperture priority like last time out, and found it ok as I was shooting fast, but I found that shooting by the canal and some of the bridges it didn’t work as well so reverted back to full manual because the light was harsh and very contrasty and I kept getting the wrong exposure so manual was the way to go.

New talk/lecture.

I am making a new talk/lecture for the camera clubs, but instead of prints it’s going to be digital images, so I have been looking back at my old stuff and found from about 2002 when I first went digital to 2013 it was mostly motorcycle racing images and not a lot of anything else. So it’s going to be a short talk! 

I have worked out I need approximately 130 to 150 images to last for a 2 hour talk and at the moment I have 3 so looking good!

One from the road.

One from the road.

Touch of colour by the railway.

Touch of colour by the railway.

Use the camera more.

Going out.

Not been out taking images for 2 months, the last time was in the church yard, but on Thursday Martin and me went to Rotherham to the canal by some scrap yards, the sun was shining, big blue sky and a good walk.

We did that in the morning and to warm up as it was very cold, we went to the pub, a small village pub that sells Sam Smiths beer “My favourite” So a very productive day.


I usually shoot fully manual on the Canon 5D mk2 I have, but watching some YouTube videos a lot of the top landscape photographers seem to use aperture priority, and let the camera sort out the shutter speed. 

So I had to give it go, I used to shoot the bikes back in the day! In manual or shutter priority, so you have control of the wheel movement and the blur of the background.

I did enjoy shooting like this, and was not using my tripod, so shooting faster then I normally do. I did get some interesting images nothing outstanding but just good! I think I can use about 6 or 7 for Getty out of 126, so my hit rate is not good “Need to get out more and practice”.

One of the better images. Still not sure if I like it!

One of the better images. Still not sure if I like it!

I am very lethargic!

I did some images for the eldest granddaughter for her living school prom the light was very harsh, and I took them at 5/6 pm, I thought about using flash, but the style of photography I was doing was candid and was shooting from a foot up to 10 feet away so instead of getting the shot I would be constantly playing with the settings, so I just took a simple way and shot no flash and AV aperture priority and I got some very good images.

Apart from that, I have only been to Sheffield and some locks on the Chesterfield canal Nr Worksop. A very enjoyable day, shot a lot of graffiti and odd bits, the graffiti is no good for Getty, so it was looking for the odd bits! I did quite a few shots of an old wheelbarrow that I like. 

I am having productivity problems at the moment, I have all the time in the world but the brain just won’t go in gear and do stuff, so the images from the Chesterfield canal remain untouched, I think its the heat and I am very lethargic! Just no go.

Also, my dad has been ill and at 83 it’s a bit of a worry, and Martin my friend who takes me out is not feeling his best and is undergoing tests at the Hospital.

At least the days are getting shorter and in a few weeks, the temperature will start to drop, as I can not take the heat.