The NewYear has started.

I had the use of the car yesterday, but did not use it as the weather was very bad, dark and wet, so not good for the type of photography I like to shoot. So we will have to see if I can get one day this week as next week is looking bad again.

The blank page is hard to fill and that is the problem I am having now! As I have not been anywhere or done anything interesting to write about.

So I have my thoughts! That most of the time are pretty good, but some days are bad and dark, and over the Christmas and NewYear I was bad and very dark! As it is over every year.

And now as the NewYear is on its way, and I still don’t know what I am doing  this year! Portraits are on the top of the list, I always say this and never shoot any! But this year I am really going to try and shoot some, and try and do more candids! When I go out I need to ask people to take a picture of them, and put some on the site so they can find them.  As well as the landscapes as I finished off with last year.I might even try to do cityscapes and candids thats if I get the courage to walk around town with a camera.

I thought I was going to get a new lens over the holidays, but alas run out of money! So that is now on the back burner. So try to save up! Thats a joke as all my money is spoke for with daily life.

 I still need to walk more I have been out most days this year for a half hour walk (Thats good for me as last year I did about 10/15 minutes).