First day out this year.

Been out for the first time this year, Martin and I went to Barnsley Main, which is some old pit head gear and a couple of buildings, the weather was not  with us, but still managed some okay images. 

After that we went to Elsecar Heritage Railway, we had a coffee when we got there, then went and had a walk round centre, then the railway station, as we were walking round station it started raining, so we got some really good images of the wet platform, and some refections.

I had the opportunity to take some candids at both places but in my mind I came up with some feeble excuses and did not take them! So I must try harder! at Barnsley Main I had the wrong lens on the camera for portraits, also it was getting dark as the rain came in, so thats my excuse, and at the station same, it was a bit dark and raining! but I did have the right lens on the camera. After we left I thought about it, and at Elsecar they would have been good portraits! So I need to speak up and say can I take your picture.

I think I am going to practice with the flash off camera shooting manually, so if I see someone I can just get the shot fast, using fill flash, as that would have worked perfect at both places.

As it was the first time out this year I managed to get some good images, I have printed some A5, as at the moment Wex Photographic don’t have the paper I use in stock, I have printed some iPhone 5s images to A5, I will print them bigger when I get the paper and some ink but at A5 they look good, one I even cropped in a bit.

Look in 2018 on main page for images.