Paige the photographer.

Dear blog.

Sorry I have not been keeping you updated, but life has got in the way.

I have been out taking images with Martin and to be honest I have a lot of good stuff, (And not been bothering to process) I have just sorted some Woodland images from two trips out to a wood near to where I live for Getty and Adobe. 


Paige has started doing photography at college, And one of her projects was abstract, so we went into Doncaster on a cold sunny Sunday morning and took some images of the new buildings, I must admit considering what camera she was using (My old Canon G5) she got some very nice images and with very little help from me.

Sue Starting Chemo.

She has started Chemo, and had three lots of it, and it has knocked the stuffing out of her. Now she has started having it every week till February then it’s every day for three weeks of some sort of horrible stuff!

I think she is doing a great job at not letting it get her down.

Revamped site.

I have revamped this site I think it’s now how I like it, (I did copy off of two sites that I have seen of  two YouTube Vlogers that I follow) In the new year I am thinking of putting A buy a print page up, so if a visiter see’s an image they like they can buy it. I’m thinking of a 1500px long edge digital file, then A4 and A3 prints, just need to think of prices.

When doing the new look, I liked the idea of the portfolio bit. So I have been going back in my archives looking for images I like and would like to show off, but most of the images I have digitally are of motorbikes, so there will be a few of them in the future.