My Talk/Lecture.

I know I am having a bad time at the moment, but last night Monday 12 Feb was a good one, I sorted out my print talk because I was doing it that night at Stocksbridge Photographic Society (one of the best clubs in Yorkshire) so to say I was nervous is an understatement. And the night went very well, I enjoyed the talk, with the help from Martin, and all the members got involved with my way of thinking, which was nice, at the end I got a lot of very good feed back.

I did change a few things in the talk, I started it a bit different and put a few of my new prints in at the end, even an iPhone 5s A3 print, that I must say surprised me, as it looks very good, and we left it up as we were packing away, and it had a lot of interested members looking at it.

My next lecture/talk is my Digital workflow one that covers Adobe Lightroom so I better get practicing my own workflow to get it that I don’t have to think about it again, You don’t use all the features in the program and it’s easy to forget stuff! As it’s at the end of March so plenty of time to practice.

I am still trying, but not succeeding! In sorting out my best of 2017 images in Lightroom, as I am only going to have 3/4 images from each shoot I did as the best of the day. The only problem is I keep changing my mind! Then instead of just picking the ones that have been processed and leaving them alone, I pick one and redo it, so basically I am prating about and cant make my mind up. (By the time I sort them it will be 2019)