Time going too fast.

February is here and has arrived quick, a lot faster then I would have liked, as next month I am 60! And want to put it off as long as possible, I was shocked when I reached 30 and that seems only a few years ago not 30! The time is going so fast, and I seem to be standing still well “sitting”.

After I moved my luck has deserted me, what bit of money I had is now gone and I still seem to get bills coming in every day, I don’t know what happened but I seem to be sinking fast and can not see away out.

I am trying to sort out my best images from 2017 and put on the site, but I do a bit, then stop, I just cant get into it. I know your meant to start at the beginning, but I seem to be going all over the place! Looking in that folder then going on 2 mouths and looking in another folder, and not picking any, just looking.

I have one of my lectures/talks coming up in a weeks time, so I need to sort out my prints, I have already looked in my spare print box, but need the two main boxes with my talk in to sort, I might print one or two of my new images, as I am leaving the start of the talk the same, it’s just the middle and end that I am going to modify.

My Canon 28/70 f2.8 lens has been for repair, but unfortunately it is beyond repair, the optics have a bit of fungus on them so not happy! I know I have had the lens since 1998 and never had a problem, but now I need to find away to get a new one as this was my main go to lens.