I have come up with more problems of white balance while testing my new lens, I was shooting in a woodland and from the camera the images have a  slight yellow colour cast, it was a warm autumn day but they definitely have a cast, I shot on my Canon 5D MK2 with daylight white balance selected.

I am going to go back when the weather is the same, but now I have a grey card target to use, and i’m going to test daylight, shadow, and custom settings and see what I like the best. 

I know it all depends on the photographers style and eye. But I always seem to struggle with it. As I don’t know how I feel, as my mind changes with the wind, one day I am happy with the images, and the next day I want to change them! I must try and finish an image and be happy with it.

I’m going to try and get more traffic to the web site as I only seem to get 2 maybe 4 visits a time! And that is not very good, any suggestions how to get them please tell me in the comments below.

I am still thinking about doing some YouTube videos about Lightroom and my style of processing, but with over 100,000 already on there, will I get more then 10 looks?.

Still sorting best of 2017 images! I think I have January 2017 about done! But every time I say thats it, I go back and change my mind! I am never happy with what I have taken, could always do better. To be honest I have not looked at last years images for a few weeks so maybe when I go look I can finish the job.