A Day out in Saltaire.

On the 26th of March Martin and I went to Saltaire near Bradford Yorkshire to the Salt Mill, on a very warm spring day, also very enjoyable, I managed to get some interesting images some art, but now I am calling it Arte as there was a poster and some books in one of the exhibitions that had Arte on it! so now I am an Artest! with an e, (I am not very good at spelling, so the word Artest is more then likely wrong) But I don’t care. Just had a thought it might be French?

I did take some very good images with the iPhone 5s, the camera is okey but not the best, and good enough for the this website and blog.

I was using my Canon 5D mk2 with my new lens 24/70-2.8 and I am finding it very nice to work with. I did not change the aperture at all, I just left it at F8 all day, and adjusted the shutter speed to get correct exposure, and I found F8 worked really well the images are very sharp. I do shoot mostly in manual and use different apertures as F11 is my go to one when doing Landscapes.

After Salt Mill Martin had researched and found a mill near Leeds and said on the way back home we could call in and see what it’s like, unfortunately it was closed but we manage to get some shots of the mill from the entrance.

It makes a change to go out and be warm with out a coat, the only problem I had was my legs and hips as walking around and standing a lot, it got to me, I do go for walks at home but I must push myself more. At the moment I am standing after a walk writing this (And it herts) But I must try harder as at the moment I am a very fat LAZY barstool.