Talk to more people when out!

Not a lot has happened over the past few weeks, the weather has been very poor, so not able to get out, Martin has been busy as well.

Yesterday the 17th of April, Martin and I went the see a print exhibition at a place called The Patchings Art Centre, Nottingham, the prints were all done on Fotospeed paper, and mounted in black frame mounts, I think it’s meant to be all landscape images, but there was one portrait and Martin and I agreed that was the best image, the landscapes were good, but just did not hit the spot. And now as I am writing this I can only remember one or two of the landscapes, but can remember the portrait.

After looking at the images Martin suggested we go to Nottingham to look around the canal in the centre of town, it was a long walk to get to the bit Martin wanted to see, but I think if the weather was better and not so dark and windy it would have beed more enjoyable! I did get some good shots nothing brilliant, but not bad, if we had the sun and no wind I think it would be a good place for images “So somewhere to go back too”.

 As spring is here, I thought the Bluebells would be out, as last year at this time the Bluebells were out in full bloom, but as we drove to Patching’s we went past the wood where the Bluebells are, not a sign of any blue so I am going to give it a few day’s and look again.

I really need to get the thinking cap on, and sort out some projects to do! I was going to ask some of the people I saw in Nottingham if I could take a picture of them, but every time I saw someone that would look good I just turned away and bottled it, “I need to talk to more people when out!”.