Starting something new

Getty contributor

I am now a Getty contributor, and have been uploading some images to there site, the hard part to start with is keywording every image, with about 15 to 25 keywords, I have found a site that helps with this now, so that has cut the time down a bit. At the moment I have 45 excepted images, and about 25 waiting to be assessed. Been doing it about a week now, and going slow with my sorting process, putting different images up to see what they like and don’t like. 

I have had 5 views on 3 images so far but no sales! I know to get a sale I need a few hundred images up on site, and a few months, so not expecting anything yet.

In that 45 excepted I have 23 refusals as there is a person in the frame or it’s a copyright thing in the frame, but I accept that as part of learning, as I have never used a stock site before, let alone Getty. So a lot to learn. 

I have been getting up at about 5 or 6 every morning, as its still dark and I can see the computer screen, as in the afternoon and evening the sun is shining straight into my room, and it makes it harder to see the images properly.

Sorting through old files

I have been sorting through old files, and it’s interesting to see what I have taken over the past few years! And I am only getting about 3 to 4 images from the shoot! But after I found out about being accepted, Martin and I went to Cromford in Derbyshire to the famous mill, and knowing I was shooting for Getty, I approached the day completely different, and took over 300 images, and so far had 25 from the day out excepted of the 45, so it just goes to show if you put your mind to something.