The shock of cancer.

Breast Cancer

Three weeks ago the love of my life was diagnosed with breast cancer, so my world stopped, she had breast surgery last week, and hopefully they removed all of the cancer as they only took a part of the breast and all of the lymph nodes from under her right arm. Now it’s just a waiting game before she has a full body scan, and the start of chemotherapy. So my tiny world at the moment is not a nice place.

Going out.

Martin and I went out last week to try and take my mind off things, we went out to a lone tree in a field that we have shot before near Selby, the field still had some bales of straw in it so that was good.

ICM intentional camera movement

I used the tripod and slowed down when taking the shots, I have some good ones, I also did some ICM  (intentional camera movement) thats where you move the camera with a slow shutter speed and make the image “Arty” (or so they say).

We also went to the museum in Doncaster to look at some of Doncaster camera clubs images, and I must admit there very good, and just what I needed to see for some inspiration.