Another stock agency.


I have been thinking about this and that, and I am not selling on Getty and Adobe sites enough, so I have started with another agency and it’s British based, so that should be good, called Alamy, so now I supply 3. But with just starting with Alamy I find it easy use. We will just have to see over the next few months. 

Out and about.

Well I have been out a few times this month with Martin, the first place we went to was Barnsley Main, an old colliery in Barnsley. I just like the place, and the shape of the old pit head is very photogenic.

The old front of Armley prison

The old front of Armley prison

The next was Leeds, as on a wanted list on the Alamy site, they wanted some images of the prison at Armley! So me and Martin went dressed in black with balaclavas!, and I took some. It was harder then I was expecting as there were a lot of cars parked by the old entrance, but I did manage to get 13 images to send, and all of them were excepted by Alamy. I have not yet tried Getty and Adobe as I don’t think they will.   



Sue has now finished Chemo in Doncaster, and has started with Radium in Sheffield, so it’s a trip to Sheffield every weekday for three weeks, then it’s a wait for 2 months to find out if the Cancer is gone.