Canon 5D mk2

Stock photography

Selling images

I have sold another image on Shutterstock, I am going to retire on the fortune I have made! £0.20p is it worth all the time I put in? But if I did not do the stock photography what would I do?

A £0.20p image! at least someone likes it.

A £0.20p image! at least someone likes it.

Moving images

I have over the last three weeks been doing some moving images! Not video! As Grant Scott a very well known photography editor says video is tape in a plastic box that plays on a video machine. So I make moving images and have had 20 accepted so far on BlackBox, an agency that take your moving images and distribute them to 5 more agencies, so I put the stuff on in one place and is seen in 5 places.

Editing the movies

Editing movies is a new thing for me to learn as the movie clips can be as short as 5 seconds and as long as a minute but they recommend about 15 to 30 seconds is best with no colour grading I must admit the clips I have shot look good straight out of the the Canon 5D MK2, so all I have been doing is shoot some bits for 35 seconds or 45 seconds and cut then in half and I have 5 seconds to play with, and it has been working out okay. 

But like all stock agency work you need a lot of stuff up loaded, they say about a thousand images and the same for movies before you see any return! so a long way to go with both.  

Doncaster project.

Doing more photo’s around Doncaster.

Another photo shoot around Doncaster, Martin and I had a few hours to go to the Hub college and Cusworth hall,  I managed to get some really good images of both. At the Hub it was sunny but very harsh and the trees around the place looked good. I did get to take two pano’s and after processing them in Lightroom I am very pleased with them.

One of the pano’s of the college.

One of the pano’s of the college.

Looking at the canal by the Hub I was surprised by the amount rubbish that is in it.

Some of the rubbish in the canal in Doncaster.

Some of the rubbish in the canal in Doncaster.

Time lapse.

I need! Or want to take some time lapse type of thing, I have seen a lot on YouTube! “I spend to much time looking at YouTube” so I get hair brain ideas And think about doing stuff, but not actually doing anything, as my get up and go went years ago! So now I dream a lot and get nothing done.

Shooting Video.

I have also thought about trying some video, as I have a Canon 5D mk2 and it’s meant to be very good at video, and I have had the camera 3 years and not shot any! So I intend to fix that in the next few weeks, nothing for YouTube but a bit of fun for me.

Cusworth hall on a moody night.

Cusworth hall on a moody night.

Use the camera more.

Going out.

Not been out taking images for 2 months, the last time was in the church yard, but on Thursday Martin and me went to Rotherham to the canal by some scrap yards, the sun was shining, big blue sky and a good walk.

We did that in the morning and to warm up as it was very cold, we went to the pub, a small village pub that sells Sam Smiths beer “My favourite” So a very productive day.


I usually shoot fully manual on the Canon 5D mk2 I have, but watching some YouTube videos a lot of the top landscape photographers seem to use aperture priority, and let the camera sort out the shutter speed. 

So I had to give it go, I used to shoot the bikes back in the day! In manual or shutter priority, so you have control of the wheel movement and the blur of the background.

I did enjoy shooting like this, and was not using my tripod, so shooting faster then I normally do. I did get some interesting images nothing outstanding but just good! I think I can use about 6 or 7 for Getty out of 126, so my hit rate is not good “Need to get out more and practice”.

One of the better images. Still not sure if I like it!

One of the better images. Still not sure if I like it!