Grant Scott

Stock photography

Selling images

I have sold another image on Shutterstock, I am going to retire on the fortune I have made! £0.20p is it worth all the time I put in? But if I did not do the stock photography what would I do?

A £0.20p image! at least someone likes it.

A £0.20p image! at least someone likes it.

Moving images

I have over the last three weeks been doing some moving images! Not video! As Grant Scott a very well known photography editor says video is tape in a plastic box that plays on a video machine. So I make moving images and have had 20 accepted so far on BlackBox, an agency that take your moving images and distribute them to 5 more agencies, so I put the stuff on in one place and is seen in 5 places.

Editing the movies

Editing movies is a new thing for me to learn as the movie clips can be as short as 5 seconds and as long as a minute but they recommend about 15 to 30 seconds is best with no colour grading I must admit the clips I have shot look good straight out of the the Canon 5D MK2, so all I have been doing is shoot some bits for 35 seconds or 45 seconds and cut then in half and I have 5 seconds to play with, and it has been working out okay. 

But like all stock agency work you need a lot of stuff up loaded, they say about a thousand images and the same for movies before you see any return! so a long way to go with both.