I am very lethargic!

I did some images for the eldest granddaughter for her living school prom the light was very harsh, and I took them at 5/6 pm, I thought about using flash, but the style of photography I was doing was candid and was shooting from a foot up to 10 feet away so instead of getting the shot I would be constantly playing with the settings, so I just took a simple way and shot no flash and AV aperture priority and I got some very good images.

Apart from that, I have only been to Sheffield and some locks on the Chesterfield canal Nr Worksop. A very enjoyable day, shot a lot of graffiti and odd bits, the graffiti is no good for Getty, so it was looking for the odd bits! I did quite a few shots of an old wheelbarrow that I like. 

I am having productivity problems at the moment, I have all the time in the world but the brain just won’t go in gear and do stuff, so the images from the Chesterfield canal remain untouched, I think its the heat and I am very lethargic! Just no go.

Also, my dad has been ill and at 83 it’s a bit of a worry, and Martin my friend who takes me out is not feeling his best and is undergoing tests at the Hospital.

At least the days are getting shorter and in a few weeks, the temperature will start to drop, as I can not take the heat.