Feeling crap!

Not going out.

I have not been out for about 2 too 3 weeks with Martin as I have not been feeling right, and not having the use of a car been stuck, I have not been out for a walk in 4 weeks as I have been fed up with myself.

But today Thursday 18th July I did a short walk in the morning {Just got back in} So hot and tried legs, at the moment I am thinking of going for another short one tonight!


With not going out I have not done any images or movies for stock so that’s bad. Also I have done nothing about my new talk / lecture, so today I started with a few slides of words and themes. I have over 300 images sorted just need to make final selection and make the Keynote presentation.


I have printed a couple of images for my print talk / lecture, now need to mount them, I have been “playing” practising my skills in Lightroom and PhotoShop, and watching a lot of YouTube movies.

So now I know everything.