Stock photography

Stock photography

Selling images

I have sold another image on Shutterstock, I am going to retire on the fortune I have made! £0.20p is it worth all the time I put in? But if I did not do the stock photography what would I do?

A £0.20p image! at least someone likes it.

A £0.20p image! at least someone likes it.

Moving images

I have over the last three weeks been doing some moving images! Not video! As Grant Scott a very well known photography editor says video is tape in a plastic box that plays on a video machine. So I make moving images and have had 20 accepted so far on BlackBox, an agency that take your moving images and distribute them to 5 more agencies, so I put the stuff on in one place and is seen in 5 places.

Editing the movies

Editing movies is a new thing for me to learn as the movie clips can be as short as 5 seconds and as long as a minute but they recommend about 15 to 30 seconds is best with no colour grading I must admit the clips I have shot look good straight out of the the Canon 5D MK2, so all I have been doing is shoot some bits for 35 seconds or 45 seconds and cut then in half and I have 5 seconds to play with, and it has been working out okay. 

But like all stock agency work you need a lot of stuff up loaded, they say about a thousand images and the same for movies before you see any return! so a long way to go with both.  

Doncaster project

Doncaster project.

Martin and I have started a project about Doncaster, I have some good images from our first time out shooting. We did the Dome first shooting from the front but I still think we could do more with the place! 

We also walked part of Lakeside and again got some good images.

When I was shooting I was also thinking about the stock agencies, so I know they don’t take buildings, so I went all arty and shot abstract things and I managed to get 24 images in all 4 agencies I send stuff to! So now all I need are some sales.

Front of the The Dome leisure park, Doncaster  More colour images  here

Front of the The Dome leisure park, Doncaster

More colour images here

Stock agencies.

I have been doing stock stuff for a year now and only have about 300 images in each agency, so not a lot, so sales are slow to none-existent so must try harder! And get a lot more images taken and sent.

I know to get anything back from stock you need thousands of images up not just a few hundred! So need to get out more.   

Arty black and white shot of some chains at Lakeside Doncaster. More black and white images  here

Arty black and white shot of some chains at Lakeside Doncaster. More black and white images here

Another stock agency.


I have been thinking about this and that, and I am not selling on Getty and Adobe sites enough, so I have started with another agency and it’s British based, so that should be good, called Alamy, so now I supply 3. But with just starting with Alamy I find it easy use. We will just have to see over the next few months. 

Out and about.

Well I have been out a few times this month with Martin, the first place we went to was Barnsley Main, an old colliery in Barnsley. I just like the place, and the shape of the old pit head is very photogenic.

The old front of Armley prison

The old front of Armley prison

The next was Leeds, as on a wanted list on the Alamy site, they wanted some images of the prison at Armley! So me and Martin went dressed in black with balaclavas!, and I took some. It was harder then I was expecting as there were a lot of cars parked by the old entrance, but I did manage to get 13 images to send, and all of them were excepted by Alamy. I have not yet tried Getty and Adobe as I don’t think they will.   



Sue has now finished Chemo in Doncaster, and has started with Radium in Sheffield, so it’s a trip to Sheffield every weekday for three weeks, then it’s a wait for 2 months to find out if the Cancer is gone.