Image by. Kel Couldwell.

Image by. Kel Couldwell.


I am a Yorkshire based photographer, living in a small village near Doncaster. I use Canon equipment, because I have been using them for the past 25 years, and just like them, I have used Nikon and found them very good, but I have now got old and set in my ways, I will stick to Canon.

I used to photograph mostly motorcycle racing, both here and in Europe and enjoyed it immensely, but the money doing it just got smaller and smaller, so it was just not financially viable anymore so in 2013 I stopped.

I Have started working with Getty images supplying all sorts of imagery and looking forward to taking images for them.

I do two photographic lectures, around Yorkshire camera clubs, that I enjoy doing.

I have some images on Flickr.

I hope you enjoy this site.